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Help Desk

Got a question? Have an idea? See someone breaking the rules? Want to affiliate? See a spelling mistake in the userinfo?!?! Then please post your comment here!

Your comments will be automatically screened and won't be visible to anyone but you and I until I reply to it, or if you don't want me to unscreen it.

When commenting, please put in a subject! In your subject put something like, "Question," or "Affiliate," or something like that.

Example of a good comment:
Subject: Question
Message: If the anime has a completely different storyline and/or have a couple of different characters than from the manga, am I still allowed to use those images?

(The answer is yes, by the way =D)


Example of a bad comment:
Message: Wat'z ur fav. toppin on an taco?!?!?! I LUV SHOES. Not on a taco tho. (=^.^=) LOOKIE! A KITTY! Meow meow~~~!!

(I'm not good at chatspeak v_v)

If you accidentally forget to put a subject you don't have to go crazy and delete it and re-post your comment. As long as you don't spam here, I don't care that much. A subject is just easier to keep track of things.

TO AFFILIATES - If you want me to mention your community sometime, please post here! =D
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