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Thank you to all the members and banner makers that supported this community =)

For past unfinished banners, please go to a banner maker community such as cb_overflow. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Week 46: Lyrics&Images - Reminder 2

46 is really a horrible week.

We still only have one icon.

I've tried promoting and everything. I've asked affiliates to plug us and stuff =(

I don't know what to do.

I think that I'm seriously going to close this community down and leave the rest of the icon contests I moderate.

No objections? I'll make my decision by Wednesday.
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Week 46: Lyrics&Images - Submission

Our 'inanimate' theme has been cancelled, so we are restarting week 46.

This week, we are having a Lyrics&Images challenge.

You must use at least two consecutive words from the lyrics under the cut. Any other text is allowed as long as they are not legible.


You must use at least one of the images provided under the cut.

Collapse )

Collapse )

Let's hope that we get more submissions this week!

Rules for submission:
1. You are allowed to submit TWO or less icons.
2. Doujinshi/Cosplay/Fanart/Non-Jump Related images (even if it belongs to you) are not allowed. You are only allowed to use official art. Anime images, artbooks, or other variations from the manga version of a manga published by Jump is allowed.
3. Icons must be made just for this community. It MUST not be shown to anyone before the contest is over. Do NOT advertise or ask anyone to vote for your icon or tell anyone which icon is yours until the contest is over. Do not submit an icon to another icon contest even though it's on at the same time.
4. Icons must fit LJ standards. 100x100 or less, 40KB or less, and they have to be in one of these formats: png, jpeg, jpg, gif.
6. When submitting, credit your sources if you are able to. Post where you got the image, brushes, gradients, textures, etc. used in your icon.
7. Do not create multiple accounts to vote or submit more icons.

Character//Series: *INSERT CHARACTER//SERIES HERE* (Not needed if 'images' theme is used)
(^ The above icon is made by adaneko who won first place at our Community Icon challenge.)

Suggest a theme?
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