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Jump Awards

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Official Jump Website Usable Manga List Help Desk Theme Suggestion

Welcome to jump_awards an icon contest community made by _alostdream. You must join the community in order to participate, but only the banner makers and I will have posting access. If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment at the Help Desk.

This community is a weekly icon challenge based on graphic novels (or 'manga') published by Jump. You are only allowed to use images from manga (or the anime version of the manga) licensed by Jump. Please read to the Usable Manga List for what kind of images you can use and more information.

1. For each theme, you may submit two or less icons unless otherwise stated. The icon(s) must have a character or scene from a manga published by Jump.

2. Doujinshi/Cosplay/Fanart/Non-Jump Related images (even if it belongs to you) are not allowed. You are only allowed to use official art. Anime images, artbooks, or other variations from the manga version of a manga published by Jump is allowed.

3. Do NOT submit an icon that is not made by you. Even if the creator allows you to.

4. Icons must be made just for this community. It MUST not be shown to anyone before the contest is over. Do NOT advertise or ask anyone to vote for your icon or tell anyone which icon is yours until the contest is over. Do NOT submit it to another icon contest community.

5. Icons must fit LJ standards. 100x100 or less, 40KB or less, and they have to be in one of these formats: png, jpeg, jpg, gif.

6. When submitting, credit your sources if you are able to. Post where you got the image, brushes, gradients, textures, etc. used in your icon. CREDIT DOES NOT MEAN YOURSELF. Do not put yourself in the credits. You obviously made the icon or else it'll be disqualified. I put credits on the voting post and I CANNOT put your username/a private or public community/or your sites.

7. If you see an icon you want to use then please contact the person who made the icon. Makers of the icons will be posted along with the results. Please do not take icons before the results are posted and without asking the icon maker.

8. Icons should be hosted in a outside hosting site. Suitable hosting sites include Photobucket and Tiny Pic

9. Do not create multiple accounts to vote or submit more icons.

10. Do not submit an icon to another icon contest even though it's on at the same time.

Any breaking of the rules can result to ban.

Please note that my life doesn't revolve around LJ, and I do not go on the internet at a set time. Entries will be be posted a random times at a certain day, so I advise you to submit your icon/vote ASAP.

Submission Posts will be posted shorty after the voting post on Wednesday. Submission posts will automatically screened. You will have until the next Wednesday to submit an icon.

Voting Posts will be posted on Wednesday before a new theme is posted. Members will have until Saturday to vote on a screened comment.

Results will be posted on Saturday along with who the banner maker will be. Banners will be posted as soon as the banner makers finish making banners.

Remember, you must upload your icon on a hosting site that allows direct linking. All submissions should look something like this:

Char//Series: L//Death Note
Credits: CREDIT DOES NOT MEAN YOURSELF. Do not put yourself in the credits. You obviously made the icon or else it'll be disqualified. I put credits on the voting post and I CANNOT put your username/a private or public community/or your sites.
Manga Image?: *INSERT YES OR NO HERE* (This is for if you use a manga image or not, if you did, then you will qualify for the Best Use of Manga Image(s) category, if we have one =D)
(^ The above icon is made by takki who won third place at our Community Icon challenge.)

Also, you may request for an extension or a half extension (the contest goes on for 4 more days, but the new theme is posted at it's regular time) on reminder posts.

Only members are able to vote, it doesn't matter if they submitted an icon or not. The more votes, the more accurate the results.

You are NOT allowed to vote for yourself.

Do NOT create or use other accounts made by you to vote. Anonymous votes do not count.

Please vote like this:

1st: 56
2nd: 02
3rd: 35
(SC stands for Special Category)


56, 02, 35, 64

Or in some other format that I would understand. Please note that there isn't always a special category for each theme.
Order DOES matter. First place will get 5pts, second will get 3pts and third will get 1pt. Special category results will be based on the most votes received.

Decide on your vote based by the effects/looks/etc. Do NOT vote for your favourite character or something like that. Vote on what icon you think looks best.

Depending on the votes, there will be a first, second, and third for best overall placing. There will also be a special category and sometimes, moderator's choice. Banners will be made for all of the above placings. You must say that you want a banner on a comment on the results entry if you want a banner.
Ties will depend on how many ties there are for a placing. If there are too many ties, a second voting post will be made to break them.

Runner-ups will be posted in the order they placed along with the winners.
01 Community Icon Results Banners
02 It Takes Two Results Banners
03 Best Fighter Results Banners
04 Death Results Banners
05 Forgive Results Banners
06 Weapons Results Banners
07 Pain Results Banners
08 Pictures Results Banners
09 Love-Hate Relationship Results Banners
10 Lyrical (Youth of the Nation) Results Banners
11 Shounen Results Banners
12 Fight Results Banners
13 Rivalry Results Banners
14 Shock/Determination Results Banners
15 Light Results Banners
16 Lyrical (Photograph) Results Banners
17 Lyrical (Hateful) Results Banners
18 Gathering Happiness Results Banners
19 Female Results Banners
20 Crossover Results N/A
21 Defeat Results Banners
22 Friendship Results Banners
23 Minor Characters Results Banners
24 Colour Manga Images Results Banners
25 Shounen 2 Results Banners
26 Soap Results Banners
27 Hush Results Banners
28 Hero/Heroine Results Banners
29 Non-Canon Couples/Crack Pairings Results Banners
30 Black and Blue Results Banners
31 Lyrics Results Banners
32 Free Choice Results Banners
33 Enemies/Villains Results Banners
34 Anime Results Banners
35 Symbols Results Banners
36 Broken Results Banners
37 Manga Results Banners
38 Battle Cry Results Banners
39 Glasses Results
40 Beautiful Results Banners
41 Animals Results
42 Headless Results Banners
43 Scenery Results
44 Rescue Results Banners
45 Designs

Banner Makers
The banner maker will be announced each will along with the submission post, just so they know. They will be reminded on the winner's post. If a banner maker isn't able to make banners for a certain week please contact me ASAP so we can find a backup.

All banners posted will be saved in the memories in case someone missed a post. Please read each post made by banner makers carefully to see if you are supposed to save your banner on your own server, or if you are allowed to hotlink.
_alostdream orichaldragon phoichique baka_bunnies

If you want to be affiliates please add us first and then comment here. We're currently only accepting communities as affiliates not any personal icon journals.
TO AFFILIATES - If you want me to mention your community sometime, please post
here! =D
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All types of artwork are ©Jump/SHUEISHA unless otherwise stated.

All icons appearing in this community belongs to their respective owners and may not be taken without their permission.

The layout design, graphics, override codding is all made by _alostdream and cannot be reproduced, reused or distributed.

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